The Anaheim Art Association was established in 1963 to promote an understanding and appreciation of fine art amoung the citizens of the community, encourage advanced study in art, and provide art exhibits

and competitions of interest to its members.


Anaheim Art Association Website

Anaheim Art Association  •   •   P.O. Box 18226, Anaheim, CA 92817   •   714-396-6325


May 11, 2016 Meeting - Wednesday, 6:30pm


Our meeting location is

250 E. Center Street, Anaheim CA 92805

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AAA 2015-2016 OFFICERS



Karen Neal 714-396-6325


1st VP

Tony  Podue


2nd VP

Position open


3rd VP

Rich Hall


4th VP

Sandy Graham



Rick Neal



Mary Ann Cosgrove


Member at Large

Dave Judy



Cesar Devera



Welcome to the

Karen Neal professional 3-4-10

Message from the


Hi  Everyone,

1) Reminder that there is no meeting in April due to the annual maintenance of the downtown Community Center.

2) If anyone would like to run for office or nominate someone for office please see below. We will be voting at the Wednesday May 11th general meeting. Please come to the meeting and please make your nominations

by April 30. Mary Hinshaw is nominating Committee Chairman for 2016-2017,, 714-309-1595. Committee to support Mary, is Patricia Woodhull and Mary Ann Cosgrove.

  If anyone would like to run for office or nominate someone (must be a member in good standing). Please email/call Mary Hinshaw: Place nomination name next to position you are nominating for and keep this to report to Mary. The names in print below are the standing board.

You may nominate them also.


                                                         Nomination                                  Nomination

President: Karen Neal,    _________________________________,  _____________________________________

1st VP: Tony Podue,        _________________________________,  _____________________________________

2nd VP: Rich Hall,            _________________________________,  _____________________________________

3rd VP: Sandy Graham,   _________________________________,  _____________________________________

4th VP: Open                    _________________________________,  _____________________________________

Member at Large :

Dave Judy,                        _________________________________,  _____________________________________

Treasurer: Rick Neal,       _________________________________,  _____________________________________


Mary Ann Cosgrove,       ___________________________,  ____________________________


Board Meetings are 4th Tuesday Night of the month at Walnut Village, Anaheim (Ball Rd & Walnut) room provided by Rich Hall who is Marketing Director there. The meetings last 1hr to 1/12 hours at most.

Board Meetings: September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. No December meeting. For more information go to


Please pay your dues of $25.00 ($30.00 for family membership) which are due June 1, 2016.


Remember we use the dues for all our monthly costs.

AAA, PO Box 18226, Anaheim 92817

Kind regards,


                                                                             Karen Neal



Yearly maintenance of Downtown Community Center which will be closed.


AAA Open Show 9/16/16 Prospectus

9/16/16 Prospectus

Click above button to download the AAA Open Show 9/16/16 Prospectus