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By anaheimart, Jun 15 2017 04:28PM

Great turn out evening, a treat for our member artists to practice their skills back to the basic of drawing a live model in a lovely setting arrangement complete with fabric backdrops, soft box and a spot light.

We have fun drawing the 5 minutes, 10 minutes poses and more that time fly so fast.

Artists got to work on their sketches on paper pads using pencils, watercolor, & charcoal.

Thanks to our Mary Ann Cosgrove who coordinated the night with skillfull art direction, composed and timed each poses. Thanks also to our beautiful model.

Our members had a good time and asked for future drawing events just like this one.

By anaheimart, Nov 30 2016 10:11PM

At the Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell, Massachusetts,

Our fellow member William Galvez's work was selected out 70 paintings for their announcement of the art exhibit. How about that!

Congratulations William Galvez, we are so proud of your achievement in national level.

Here is the link for the newspaper release.

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