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Recovering a Sense of


Creativity requires faith.

Faith requires that we

relinquish control. This is

frightening and we resist it.

Our resistance to our creativity

is a form of self-destruction.

Why do we do this? In order

to maintain an illusion of

control. This manifests itself

as sluggishness, confusion: “I

don’t know….”

The truth is, we do

know and we know that we


Each of us has an inner

dream that we can unfold if we

will just have the courage to

admit what it is – and the faith

to trust our own admission.

The admitting is often very

difficult. A clearing

affirmation can often open up a

channel, One excellent one is,

“I trust my own inner guide.”

--Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way

Anaheim Art Association

January 2009

President’s Message

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may you all

enjoy a super New Year. The new year always recalls a time of

new hope for the future and a reflection on the past. I have

already pulled out most of last year’s paintings and taken time to

reflect on what I have accomplished and where I’ve fallen short

in my expectations. I do have a plan of the kind of painter I want

to be, but what course do I take to get there?

As I look back on my work, I see hours and hours of

execution and sadly not many hours on the preparation: not

enough time researching, finding that right element that would

make the difference from a ho-hum painting to a fantastic piece

of art. Not enough time doing those black-and-white comps that

can give so much insight as to where values need to go. Not

enough time taken to do a strong under-drawing. (I know that

most of my painting problems can be worked out in the

underdrawing stage). Not enough time taken to explore th

possibilities of changing my canvas size and shape to give my

paintings a special dynamic look. Not enough time to knowingly

not change a problem area in my painting because I’ve already

put a lot of execution time in, and I’m afraid of ruining my

painting. The last and largest difficulty: not enough dollars and

consideration to purchase a proper frame that might just make

my work be the winner it should be.

I encourage you and myself to be a better painter this coming

year. Let’s take the time to do the real work in planning and

research, that we might be better artists.

Dave Judy

January 21 Demonstrator

Susan Alderson

After 20-plus years in the medical field, and complications

from surgery, watercolorist Susan Alderson found herself with

life-altering limitations and unable to return to her career in

Pediatric Cardiology. During a long recovery period at home,

Susan found herself watching a watercolor artist on PBS

television. She noticed that she focused less on her chronic pain

and more on watching the paint “flow” across the paper. She

decided to take a class in watercolor “just to occupy my tine…”

The rest of her story is played out in her paintings of vibrant

colors and dynamic compositions. Susan’s art can be seen in the

Watercolor Gallery, Laguna Beach, and Orange County Fine

Arts Gallery.

December Competition

Point Standings


Richard Thomsen 24

Tony Podue 18

Dave Judy 17

Milas Gokhman 12

Linda Trivoli 11

Katherine Su 11

Junko Hakikawa 10

Yelena Hyatt` 9

Dixie Moore 7

Pat Woodhull 7

Leon Goei 5

Joanne Currie 3

Lanell O’Neil 3

Randy Tan 1


Ed Castellow 20

Rick Hagen 17

Bette Comstock 16

Dee Palombo 16

Vic Modiano 15

Terry Anderson 12

Gigi McElliott 11

Junko Hakikawa 10

Rhoda Goldstein 10

David Dow 9

Dee Tarin 9

Ginny Matthias 8

Mary Hinshaw 5

Susan Rodas 2

Frank Green 1

Advanced Combo

1st Place: Richard Thomsen

2nd Place: Dave Judy

3rd Place Linda Trivoli

Richard Thomsen, Junko Hakikawa and

Linda Trivoli

Intermediate Oil/Acrylic

1st Place: Bette Comstock

2nd Place Ed Castellow

3rd Place David Dow

David Dow, Ed Castellow, Bette Comstock

and Gigi McElliott

Intermediate Watercolor

and Mixed Media

1st Place: Rick Hagen

2nd Place Gigi Belul McElliott

3rd Place Junko Hakikawa

Rick Hagen

Marguarete E. Lee

Gallery Competition

Tony Joyce, winner of the Marguarite E. Lee

gallery competition

1st Place: Tony Joyce

2nd Place: Richard Thomsen

3rd Place: Dave Judy

Volunteer Needed

If you have a good digital camera and would

like to help the association out, please bring

your camera to the general meetings and take

pictures of the competition winners. These

you would forward to Mary Daniels for the

newsletter. It would only take a few extra

minutes of your time at the end of the meeting.

Competition winners, please stick around

after the meeting so that we can get your

pictures for the newsletter. You are winners

and we would like to recognize you.

Popular Choice:

Richard Thomsen

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