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Terry Anderson started painting in order to externalize internal images and to illuminate early feeling-states. Much of the work, therefore, is a reflection of the unconscious made conscious...portals to the soul... a personal exploration. Many are metaphors, symbols of affective experiences and of dreamlife. Some are the relation of a worldview; others simply recurring images that insisted on the light. Terry works in charcols and pastels, has been painting 10 years, and is self taught.


"A virture , he said, is to keep alive the memory of whatever has affected him, whose only way to say than you for a lifetime sense of the wonder at the mystery and the beauty of being, is by this act of magical creation, and of storing in his soul whatever he has loved." (unknown author)


"All art is at its core an articulation of a single impluse: to affirm life's timeless and fractured beauty in the face of mortality." (unknown autor)  

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Posted 10/21/2008

Just Quanta

Behind The Veil

Primrose Road

Everything Seemed So Much Larger Then

Time's Not Your Friend

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Black Wings

Jitterbug Boy

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